Recruitment Philosophy

HR Mission

The Group values the well-being of our employees as a first priority and has persisted in its core thought of “human resources and culture are the most precious wealth”. By inheriting the “people first” principle, it has placed the emphasis of the human resources work on “cultivating and using people” so as to provide its staff with simple and harmonious human relationship, challenging jobs, vast development opportunities and benefits satisfactory to staff.

HR Strategy

The Group seeks to achieve a balanced development of the staff and the Group as well as to establish a solid foundation for high quality human resources management. Building on an established system and culture already in place, the Group continues to optimize its internal management capabilities and strengthen the growth of talents from different positions, with the aim of achieving its strategic objectives.

Nurturing & Development

The Group encourages and supports lifelong learning and continuous self-development of staff, and has also established a sound training and development system.