Our group has always been committed to the highest level of responsibility, constantly striving to improve the quality of our products and services while enhancing customer satisfaction.


The Group adheres to the core value of "Integrity, Innovation, Pragmatism and Excellence" and practices the business philosophy of "Quality Assurance and Value Creation", to ensure that the quality of products and services can meet the international standard and customer requests. In 2022, the Group's supervision business won 23 municipal engineering awards, 12 provincial engineering awards and 3 national awards granted by different domestic urban construction industry associations, which recognized the Group's engineering quality.

Our quality management is in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001-2015 quality management system to ensure that the quality of products and services meets international standards and client needs.

Far East (Hong Kong) ISO9001-201 Quality Management System Certificate
China Overseas Supervision Company Limited GB/T19001-2016 / ISO9001:2005 Quality Management System Certificate
  • Facade Contracting Business

    All products, including raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products of our facade contracting business must pass strict pre-delivery quality inspection, such as size inspection, number inspection, quantity inspection and waterproof test, to prevent unqualified products from entering the factory for use and continuing to be processed assembled or delivered. Besides, we apply Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology to our projects to conduct lifecycle management in the construction environment. The Group is also actively exploring the 6D management model of engineering projects and conducting building performance analysis and simulation to meet the building requirements of low energy consumption, high performance and sustainability standards.

  • Supervision Business

    Based on the concept of "Plan-DO-Check-Act (PDCA)", the standardised development and continuous improvement of company business and quality objectives are ensured, guaranteeing that the quality of our works meets the requirements of customers and applicable laws and regulations. In order to urge employees to improve products and service quality, China Overseas Supervision simultaneously formulated the Quality and Safety Work Evaluation and Reward and Punishment Management Measures of the Project Department, under which appropriate reward or punishment measures are adopted through the assessment and quantitative scoring of daily management.

  • Investing and Operating Business

    Huanggu Thermoelectricity referred to quality standards such as GB/T12146-2008 Quality Criterion of Water and Stream for Generating Unit and Steam Power Equipment and GB/T1576-2008 Water Quality Standards for Industrial Boilers to standardise and institutionalise the management procedure of laboratory technical supervision, clearly define the chemical supervision and management responsibilities for water, coal and oil, and draw on reliable testing methods and scientific management methods to ensure sound, safe and steady operation of power generation and heating facilities, thereby providing customers with robust and high quality power generation and heating services.


The Group continues to build more efficient and smooth feedback channels to allow customers to express their opinions on the group's products and services to us more conveniently. We also make rectifications based on customers' opinions to increase their satisfaction with our products and services. Customers can provide feedback or complaints through various channels including government networks, telephone platforms, the Group's hotline and on-site visits. Upon receipt of any customer feedback or complaints, relevant departments will promptly contact customers to respond to their complaints and conduct follow-up analysis and investigation.

Facade Contracting Business

The Project Department will contact customers immediately after receiving complaints or feedback to know the causes and make follow-up arrangements such as on-site investigation and maintenance where appropriate to properly solve the problems. At the same time, the Project Department shall also accurately record the customer feedback and handling results and report them with improvement suggestions to the department heads or the general manager at the regular meeting.

Investing and Operating Business

Judging from the feedback provided by customers via the governmental platform, the customers of Huanggu Thermoelectricity mainly demand policy consultation and heating system maintenance. Huanggu Thermoelectricity complies with the regulations and handles matters in strict accordance with the specified process within the required time frame. For the feedback provided through hotline and customer visits, we call back to resolve policy enquiries, and perform on-site checking to tackle the feedback of heating problems. We also work together with government officials to deal with special problems by visiting key areas and individuals, holding meetings with property owners and coordination meetings etc. We shall report to the higher responsible department to explain the causes and solutions.


Considering the protection of customer's personal information and privacy, the Group properly maintains and updates customers' personal data in accordance with established procedures. The relevant data is managed by the Marketing Department and stored on the designated server. We have formulated the Informatization Management System to drive the sound and orderly development of the Groups' information infrastructure, and to ensure the safe and stable operation of information systems. The System clearly sets out the responsibilities of informatization management, with the Informatization Management Department being responsible for the establishment, application and management of informatization, which includes formulating information development plans and annual work plans in line with the Group's development strategies, establishing an information security system and implementing information security work through assessment, inspection and training, and planning the management information system for research, development, implementation and promotion.

The Group also promotes the awareness of cyber and information security. The Group encourages its subsidiaries to carry out publicity work on email security through the intranet, Zhonghaitong, training platforms, online and offline training, mock phishing etc., in order to enhance the information security awareness of all employees.