The Group always upholds the spirit to be highly responsible and strives to continuously improve the quality of products and services while enhancing customer satisfaction.


Product and Service Quality

The Group adheres to the core values of “Integrity, Innovation, Practicality and Excellence” and thoroughly carries out our business philosophy in “Guaranteeing Quality, Generating Values”.

Fast East Hong Kong ISO9001-2015 Quality Management System Certificate

The Group's product quality covers six core processes, including raw material inspection, material cutting, processing, assembling, gluing and shipping, which comprehensively covers the entire life cycle of product manufacturing and processing, in order to ensure continuous improvement of product and service quality.

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Customer Service and Communication

The Group continues to improve the customer feedback mechanism and open the feedback channels with the commitment to improve customer satisfaction.

Customers can voice out their opinions or complaints about products and services to the Group through multiple channels including governmental website or phone calls, the Group’s hotline, and site visits etc. The responsible department will timely contact the customers for follow-up investigations after receiving any feedback or complaint from customers.

Privacy Security and Protection

In terms of customer personal information and privacy protection, the Group strictly abides by the laws, regulations, and management requirements applicable to the place where it operates and carefully keeps customer personal information and privacy confidential. We regularly update necessary customer information as the established procedures required and store them on a specific server which is centralised and managed by the Marketing Department.