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  • Talent Recruitment and Retention

Social Responsibility


The Group regards its employees as its most valuable assets, and their contributions are very important to the success of the Group. Therefore, the Group strictly abides by the laws and regulations related to employment, labour standards, human rights, benefits and those on remuneration and dismissal in the places where it operates. The Group also constantly improves the human resources management system in terms of attracting talents, development and training, and health and safety.

Talent Recruitment and Retention


  • Clearly define the salary structure and salary adjustment criteria for all ranks of positions in the Employee Handbook.
  • Carry out annual employee performance appraisals as the basis of salary adjustment.
  • Discuss and determine the salary of new employees at the time when they are confirmed as regular employees.
  • Under special circumstances, employees may apply for individual salary adjustments in writing to the Human Resources Department through the heads of their divisions.
  • Implement a salary confidential system that protects information on employees' remuneration and bonus. Those who violate the confidential system or publish and disseminate personal salary data and systems will be dismissed without economic compensation.


  • Follow legal dismissal procedures and provide financial compensation by law.


  • Provide equal employment opportunities, make employment decisions based on capabilities, experience, skills, qualifications and performance, and strictly prohibit any discrimination.
  • Establish a fair and equitable promotion system; announce the eligibility criteria of all positions and conduct open selections on a regular basis.


  • We adopt a zero-tolerance policy for any harassment, violations of which can result in disciplinary action, including immediate dismissal.
  • We strictly prohibit employees from discriminating on social media based on race, age, gender, nationality or ethnicity, disability, region or other legally protected personal characteristics. Any violation will result in disciplinary action, including immediate dismissal.


  • Carry out annual performance appraisals at the end of each year to assess the performance of employees in a fair and impartial manner. The results of such appraisals will serve as a guide for salary adjustment and promotion in the following year.
  • Office employees have a standard working hour system, while project employees have a comprehensive working hour calculation system.
  • Each employee has at least one day off each week.


  • Talent selection is based on a variety of criteria, including but not limited to gender, age, culture, professional experience, knowledge and service term. There will be no discrimination based on gender, age, cultural and educational background, race, nationality, religion, social and economic status, family background and other factors.


The Group provides Housing Provident Fund, Mandatory Provident Fund, basic pension insurance, basic medical insurance, maternity insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance and other social insurance for employees in strict compliance with the national and regional requirements in the countries and regions where it operates. Besides, in addition to the paid annual leaves required by the laws of the countries and regions where it operates, the Group provides employees with various type of leave including marriage leave, funeral leave, prenatal examination leave, maternity leave, leave in lieu, paternity leave, birthday leave, care leave and examination leave. Apart from statutory benefits, we also provide our employees with different types of allowances including communication allowance, meal allowance, transport allowance, relocation allowance and high-temperature allowance.

The Group was awarded the label of "Caring Company" issued by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for the ninth consecutive year, reflecting the industry's wide recognition of the group's care to employees.


Our Group commenced a series of caring activities:

Organized the activity "A Caring and Warm Mid Autumn Festival", in which the leadership of the Group visited the manufacturing plants and construction sites to meet the "frontline" workers. The leaders gave out festive gifts to them and asked about their work and daily life to express care and solicitude.

Celebrated "March 8 Women's Day", giving out benefits to female full-time employees. Such benefits include physical presents and gift points, to express the care of the company to all female colleagues.

The Group held a birthday party and "Love in Mid-Autumn Festival" celebration activity for our employees, offering sincere blessings to the birthday staff and making moon cakes and lanterns together with all colleagues to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and make good wishes.

In order to celebrate the 43rd anniversary of China Overseas Holdings, the Group commenced "Company Celebration" Activity which highlighted the theme of "Building a Better Era, Expanding the Space for Happiness", practiced the cultural spirit of "Leading the Tide", and surrounded our corporate mission in "Constructing Happiness".

The Group hosted a basketball friendship match among members of the four Far East locations in September, with 56 staff members recruited to participate. The first FEBA and "Leading-the-Tide Cup" galaxy friendship match was held in 2022 to strengthen team cohesion within the company.


"Talents and culture are the most valuable assets" is the core idea of the Group. We are committed to "cultivating talents" and "deploying talents" in order, to allow employees develop in a harmonious and stable working environment that provides abundant development and professional training. Meanwhile, we are also committed to encouraging employees to seek learning and development opportunities and regard vocational education and training of talents as the top priority.

The Group organized a series of training to align the rationale and core value of employees with those of the Group:

  • Enhance training related to sustainable development, such as corporate social responsibility and environment, onsite waste management, tailor-made professional training, etc.
  • Provide online training platform and subsidies to employees and encourage them to carry out self-learning
  • Provide anti-corruption training to employees each year
  • Acid Storage Leakage Training for Production and Technology Team

  • Training on Filling Management for Staff at Office

  • Training on Corporate Culture

  • “Sons of the Sea 2022” Campus Talent Cultivation Programme


With "Safety First and Prevention Matters" as the fundamental principle, the Group formulates safety measures and guidelines for each sector. For example, the "Safety and Health Management Procedures for Facade Business", "Occupational Hygiene Management system of Shenyang Huanggu Thermoelectricity Co. Ltd" and etc., regulating in detail the protection and management measures during the production process. The Group also pays attention to the physical and mental health of employees, actively participates in various health charters and improves the company's resilience.


The Group set a goal in 2022 to provide at least one staff safety training for relevant staff, and to ensure that all outsourced workers have underdone compulsory safety training before they are inducted. In 2022, the Group also held the commencement ceremony for "Safety Production Month" with a theme of "complying with safety production law and be a good first responsible person".