Seeing talent as key assets to our growth, the Group acts in strict accordance with applicable laws and regulations and constantly improves the human resources management system.


Legitimate Employment Management
Talent Training and Development

The Group upholds the core idea of “Talent and culture are the most valuable assets”. The Group believes in “strengthening the foundation” in our human resources strategy, encouraging and supporting lifelong learning and continuous self-enhancement of employees through systematic occupational training.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Group has developed safety policies and guidelines for each business segment, including but not limited to:

The Group consistently conformed to the highest standards in infection prevention and took diversified control measures to build a safe and efficient workplace amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

· Provided employees with an ample number of disease prevention supplies, such as masks and disinfectant

· Installed air purifiers in office areas to maintain air circulation

· Arranged for dedicated staff to disinfect the office frequently

· Set up fever screening equipment and required all employees to measure their body temperature every day

· Adopted the staggered hours scheme, and extended the Chinese New Year holiday

· Strengthened the management of densely populated areas and closely tracked whether employees were living in the same buildings as confirmed patients of COVID-19. In the event of such a situation, the Human Resources Department shall issue immediate notifications and fully subsidies such employees for nucleic acid testing

Ensure Employee Benefits

Apart from strictly complying with relevant laws and regulation, the Group provides various social insurance such as Housing Provident Fund, Mandatory Provident Fund, basic pension insurance, basic medical insurance for our employees. In addition to guarantee our employees can enjoy the paid annual leaves required by the laws, the Group also provides employees with various types of leaves, including marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, birthday leave, and examination leave. Moreover, the Group takes care of the needs of our employees to handle family matters, thereby providing the eligible employees with the care leave, for purposes including visiting the doctors with family members, participating the school activity of the children, visiting relatives etc, so that they can manage family and work at the same time. Besides, we also provide our employees with different types of allowances, including meal allowance, transport allowance, relocation allowance and high-temperature allowance etc.

In 2021, the Group was awarded the label of “Caring Company” issued by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for the eighth consecutive year, reflecting the wide industrial recognition of the Group’s people care.

Team-building Activities

Our Group held「Company Celebration」Activity,to celebrate the 43rd Anniversary of China Oversea Group

In order to celebrate the 43rd anniversary of China Overseas Group, highlight the theme of "Building a Better Era, Expanding the Space for Happiness", and practise the cultural spirit of “Leading the Tide", CSCD has launched the celebration activities on 6 June , surrounding our corporate mission in “Constructing Happiness”.
On the celebration day, various leaders in Hong Kong and employees of the Group held ceremony to celebrate the birthday of China Oversea Group, blowing candles and cutting cakes together.
After the ceremony, the leaders at different levels of the Group handed out cakes and gave their blessings, hoping that all employees would continue to integrate their personal happiness into the long-term development of the Group and resonate to create a better future together.

The Group held party to staff whose birthday in September and "Love in Mid-Autumn Festival" celebration activity

In September, the Group held a birthday party and "Love in Mid-Autumn Festival" celebration activity for our employees, offering sincere blessings to the birthday staff and making moon cakes and lanterns together with all colleagues to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and make good wishes.

The Group’s Company Day Activity Series

The stock code "830" has given a special meaning to the day of 30 August, which was named "Company Day" and became the exclusive holiday of 830 people. In order to continue the annual tradition of "Company Day" and to showcase the Group's prosperous development, the Group has coordinated a series of activities.