Environmental Management


The Group has always been integrating the concept of environmental protection into the operation and management process, improving environmental management, practicing green operation principles, so as to fulfill its environmental responsibilities and reduce the environmental impacts. The Group has established specific environmental protection guidelines for each operation stage and formulated the following environmental targets:

Target year Aspects of Environmental Target Actual Target
2022 Strengthen Environmental Responsibility and Management Implement the organizational structure of environmental protection

Develop environmental policy

Establish an environmental risk assessment system initially, and formulate management measures
Carbon Neutrality Establish a roadmap for emission reduction

Establish internal systems such as guidelines for the preparation of carbon emission reports to standardise carbon asset verification and management, and to improve carbon emission inventory, verification, monitoring and quota accounting, performance, and trading

Formulate supplier selection and evaluation standards. For the selection of suppliers and subcontractors, adhere to safety and environmental protection requirements as one of the evaluation criteria. For the selection of materials, prohibit materials with high energy consumption and heavy pollution, urging suppliers to provide low-carbon equipment and materials
2023 Enhance energy efficiency Far East (Hong Kong) estimates that in 2023, the per capita electricity consumption and water consumption of the company's office building lighting system/air conditioning system will be reduced by 10% compared with 2022.
Increase the use of renewable energy China Overseas Supervision expects that new energy vehicles will account for more than 50% of the newly purchase of official vehicles.
Continue to promote paperless office Far East (Hong Kong) estimates that the per capita paper consumption of functional departments and design departments will be reduced by 10% in 2023 compared with 2022 using paperless office and BIM technology.
Continue to promote paperless office China Overseas Supervision plans to use FSC equivalent certified paper in 2023.
Clean energy Far East (Zhuhai) gradually carries out photovoltaic transformation, including factory roofs. In 2023, it is expected to participate in a total of 6 application projects of photovoltaic power generation/ integrated photovoltaics, including 2 benchmarking projects.
Increase waste recycling Set up recycling and garbage sorting facilities in all offices and factories in 2023 and encourage employees to recycle.
Raise employees' awareness of sustainable development Formulate/revise employee training policies in 2023, and all employees shall attend low-carbon and sustainability related training when onboarding, and all members of the sustainable development framework must receive at least one low-carbon related training annually.
2024 Continue to promote paperless office Gamma USA and Canada plans to increase use of certified paper by 30% by 2024.
2025 Enhance energy efficiency Gamma USA and Canada will reduce the diesel use on construction sites or vehicles by approximately 30% by 2025.
2026-2030 Use environmentally friendly packaging materials Far East (Zhuhai), Gamma USA and Canada will research the use of environmentally friendly glass protective film, unit transport boxes and other materials and reduce the density of packaging materials by 10% by 2026 compared to 2022
Carbon emission target Reduce carbon intensity by 25% by 2026 (carbon emissions/turnover)
Enhance energy efficiency By 2026, Gamma USA and Canada will realise the use of renewable energy in its offices, and half of the energy in construction sites and factories will use renewable energy.
Increase the use of renewable energy Gamma USA and Canada will reduce the fuel consumption of official vehicles by 1/3 by 2026, and regularly maintain official vehicles.