Environmental Target Category Specific Target Duration Action Plan
Far East (Zhuhai)
Emissions and Energy Efficiency Target
Promoting the photovoltaic power generation projects Increasing the capacity of photovoltaic panels Long-term Carrying out market trend analysis and feasibility study on the investment, as well as constructing, operating and maintaining the photovoltaic power generation projects
Increasing the annual power generation of photovoltaic panels Long-term
Reducing or preventing greenhouse gas emissions Long-term
Helping achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality target Improving the management of carbon emissions Long-term Auditing the carbon footprints of all factories and formulating reduction measures
Huanggu Thermoelectricity
Emission Target
Improving the efficiency of air pollution prevention and control facilities Increasing investment in environmental technologies Long-term Replacing bag filters of boilers
Following the latest development of environmental technologies Short-term Attending expos of environmental technologies
Helping achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality target Improving carbon management level Mid-term Formulating internal systems such as guidelines for the preparation of carbon emission report, standardising the verification and management of carbon assets, and improving the professional management of carbon assets including inventory, verification, monitoring, quota accounting, contract performance, and trading
Conducting carbon trading Short-term Completing carbon emission compliance in pilot carbon trading areas, actively participating in carbon trading, and completing carbon allowance exchanges
Waste Reduction Target
Recycling waste Further promoting waste recycling Short-term Entrusting qualified third parties to recycle and reuse the waste
Improving energy efficiency of equipment Maintaining the energy-consuming equipment regularly Short-term Making specific maintenance plans
Eliminating high energy-consuming equipment Long-term Designing schedules for replacement of equipment
Following the latest information on energy- saving products Short-term Attending expos of environment-friendly products
Water Efficiency Target
Avoiding waste of water resources Optimising the production process and reducing water use Long-term Adjusting the production process
Maintaining the water supplying facilities regularly Short-term Designing schedules for maintenance of water supply facilities
Reusing reclaimed wastewater in production Long-term Investing in facilities for reusing reclaimed water
Improving the efficiency of facilities for the prevention and control of water pollution Increasing investment in environmental technology Long-term Strengthening the construction, maintenance, long-term operation of the desulfurization system and wastewater treatment system
Regular maintenance of facilities for the prevention and control of water pollution Short-term Designing schedules for regular maintenance
Emission Target
Green travel Strengthening the management of company vehicles Mid-term Recording fuel consumption and conducting regular maintenance of company vehicles
Reducing carbon emissions during business trips Mid-term Reducing unnecessary business trips and first classes or business classes travel
Waste Reduction Target
Saving paper Promoting paperless office Mid-term Revising documents by using digital means and extending the use of online systems for file approval
Recycling and reusing office equipment Reusing office furniture Short-term Formulating recycling plans and following up the implementation schedule regularly
Energy Efficiency Target
Saving Energy Raising employees’ awareness of energy saving Short-term Including energy saving in the orientation training, or holding energy-saving events on a regular basis
Conducting energy audits for offices Mid-term Formulating annual energy audit plans and specific energy-saving measures
Improving the efficiency of office equipment Long-term Replacing high energy-consuming lights with LED in commercial projects and regularly repairing and upgrading electronic devices in offices to optimise the energy efficiency
Water Efficiency Target
Saving Water Raising employees’ awareness of water-saving Short-term Including water saving in the orientation training, or holding water-saving events on a regular basis
Improve the efficiency of sanitary ware Mid-term Adopting various water recycling systems