Green Production and Construction
Air Pollutant

The Group’s primary air pollutant is emitted from the use of boilers in the operating management business and the use of automobiles in subsidiaries of various businesses. Huanggu Thermoelectricity strictly complies with the requirements of the Coal-fired Power Plant Ultra-low Emission Retrofit Plan of Liaoning Province and the Notice of the Environmental Protection Department of Liaoning Province on Coal-fired Power Plant Ultra-low Emission Retrofit Plan, and completed all ultra-low emissions retrofits during the Reporting Period.

Besides, in terms of vehicle emissions, the Group has strengthened the promotion of “green travel”, raised employees’ awareness of environmental protection, and encouraged them to use public transportation as much as possible so as to reduce the emission of air pollutants caused by the use of private cars.

Solid Waste

The Group strictly manages the waste disposal, makes sure that all wastes are disposed of strictly in accordance with laws and regulations in the countries and regions where it operates, and adopts various measures to reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment.

Waste Type Disposal Method

Hazardous waste

Entrusting registered recyclers to collect and dispose of hazardous waste to ensure the waste is properly handled to prevent water and land pollution.

Non-hazardous waste

Setting up storage areas for recyclable non-hazardous waste such as aluminium, glass, and paper, recycling reusable waste within the Group and hiring registered waste recyclers to handle the rest.

The Group’s major wastewater is generated from the flue gas desulphurisation in the operating management business. As such, Huanggu Thermoelectricity transformed and updated the facilities for flue gas desulfurization wastewater treatment, established a comprehensive wastewater quality monitoring system and commissioned qualitied third parties to conduct monthly wastewater quality testing, in order to ensure that the discharge is up-to-standards.

Energy Management

The Group’s energy consumption mainly comes from the use of electricity and fossil fuel combustion. To improve the energy efficiency, the Group requires all subsidiaries to establish their energy management system based on their actual business conditions and in accordance with laws and regulations.

Energy Conserving Measures of Huanggu Thermoelectricity Example

Enhancing the environmental awareness of our employees
Implementing Green Office Practices

The Group formulated and implemented the Green Office Environmental Proposal and the Green Office Guidelines which have clearly set out the Group’s environmental protection measures, such as encouraging the paperless office, keep the temperature of coolers not lower than 25°C, advocating green travel.

In 2021, the Group has been awarded “Green Office” and “Eco-healthy Workplace” by the World Green Organization for the sixth consecutive year.


Environmental Protection Activities

“China Overseas Group Anniversary Celebration” Activity Series

In response to the "China Overseas Group Anniversary Celebration" event, our Group organized a green hiking in June 2022. Through hiking activities, we promote the importance of health, exercise, and environmental conservation.

Environmental Protection Volunteer Activities

To fulfil our responsibility to protect and beautify the environment, our Group organizes volunteer activities such as garbage cleaning and environmental protection to our employees every year. In May 2021, the Group organized environmental protection volunteer activities again for our colleagues, putting into practice our great vision of developing our corporate and ecology in harmonic pace.

“China Overseas Group Eco Month” Activity Series

In response to the China Overseas Group Eco Month, the Group launched environmental related education and publication activities. The Group organized a DIY environmental-friendly cleanser workshop. By utilizing the natural raw materials in hand-made environmental friendly cleanser, we can achieve the aim to protect human health and prevent environmental pollution, as well as to enhance employees' awareness of environmental responsibility.