With Our Partners

Sustainable Supply Chain

Over the years, the Group has constantly improved its management level and service quality, and has established long-term and reliable partnership with many suppliers to jointly promote sustainable development

  • Strict and Standardised Supplier Assessment

    The Group is committed to building a sustainable supply chain and continues to establish a comprehensive supplier management system to achieve a win-win situation and more advantages through cooperation with our suppliers. For this, the Group has formulated the "Procedures for Procurement of Materials" to actively impose strict supplier selection measures in the procurement process, made efforts to identify possible environmental and social risks in the supply chain, and minimized the identified risks.

  • Risk Management in Supply Chain

    The Procurement Department and related business departments are responsible for assessing all suppliers every year and reviewing and updating the "List of Approved Suppliers". We also regularly evaluate suppliers' environmental and social sustainability risks so as to manage and effectively reduce the suppliers' sustainable development risks. The Group also elaborates on special safety, health and environmental requirements for the materials to the suppliers and lists the special terms and conditions in the works contract.

  • Green Procurement for Low Carbon Operation

    The Group implements the concept of "green procurement" and takes into full consideration the environmental impact of procurement behaviours when purchasing. We give priority to the selection of local suppliers to reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions generated during transport in the supply chain, and consider the safer, healthier and more environmentally products.

    In the future, the Group will continue to improve the selection criteria for green suppliers, establish and improve relevant systems, and comprehensively promote green procurement within the Group.