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China States Construction Development Receives the Sustainable Operations Award of the InnoESG Prize, Actively Focuses on Sustainable Development

Source:General Office    Date:2023.02.27

On 22 February, China States Construction Development Holdings Limited (hereafter referred to as “China State Construction Development” or the “Company”) has been awarded the Sustainable Operations Award of the InnoESG Prize. The accreditation from the professional body this time fully affirms our continuous effort on the road to sustainable development.

The InnoESG Prize was established by the SocietyNext Foundation in 2019, aiming to encourage companies to reform innovatively and incorporate sustainability considerations in daily operations through actions.

Having been operating in Hong Kong for over 50 years, China State Construction Development has integrated sustainability into the master plan of our businesses. A sustainable business model has been set up with a focus on issues such as low-carbon technological advancement, talent development, occupational safety, etc. For our employees, environmental activities are organized, such as recycling promotion events, eco workshops, tree planting, etc., to raise their awareness of green and environmental protection topics. In response to the national carbon peak and carbon neutral policies, China State Construction Development also takes initiatives to drive the facade industry in green development path and puts extra effort to explore low-carbon and energy-efficient technologies as well as facade integration technologies which include research and development (R&D) of the building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) products and passive facade products, etc. In the future, China State Development will continue to leverage our sustainable and innovative solutions to lead through a high-quality development path.

General Office

February 27, 2023