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Far East Global Group’s 2019 Annual Meeting was Held Successfully

Source:General Office    Date:2019.01.26

In the last few days, the Far East Global Group’s 2019 Annual Meeting was held successfully in Hong Kong. The Group’s Top Management, each subsidiary’s leaders, expatriates from Mainland China, related managers and coworkers (about 110 employees) attended to the meeting at the Hong Kong main venue. Each subsidiary’s leaders and coworkers had engaged through video conference. The Chief Executive of China State Construction International and Chairman of the Far East Global Board, Mr. Zhang Haipeng had also presented to the meeting and made business indications.

Chairman Zhang emphasized that under the complicated domestic and international economic environment and pressure from the competitive industry, with the correct guidance of COHL and CSCI, support from brother units, FEGG Top Management and all employees’ hard work, FEGG’s business performance has steadily increased. All assigned goals have been fully completed and the main economic indicators have reached a new high in this year. Chairman Zhang had also commended on FEGG’s 2018 achievements. At the same time, he also mentioned that FEGG should actively respond to COHL’s “Work hard for a New Business” goal, dare to become an achiever, to keep active, step out of our comfort zone and contribute to COHL’s “Second Venture” goal.

Then, FEGG’s President, Mr. Wu Mingqing, delivered the annual report of 2018 for the company. During the meeting, Mr. Wu did a comprehensive review of FEGG’s 2018 development, analyzed business development of each subsidiary, evaluated problems in each business sector, arranged the company’s 2019 business plan and delivered guidance to each subsidiary. Mr. Wu stated that under the complicated economic situation, the company should analyze the market situation and challenges. With further development the Hong Kong and Macau market, we will actively expand overseas markets and businesses with controllable risks.

Chairman Zhang Haipeng Made Business Indications

President Wu Mingqing Delivered the Annual Report of 2018

Besides, the 2018 Annual Awarding Ceremony was also held during the meeting, including Long Service, Outstanding Lecturers and Outstanding Employees in Hong Kong and Macau, as well as to signed the 2019 Safety Responsibility Letter and Business Management Objectives.

Delivered the 2019 Safety Responsibility Letter

2018 Annual Awarding Ceremony

In 2019, Far East Global Group will learn from the past and move forward, forge and work hard to embark on a new journey and launch a new era.

General Office

January 26, 2019